The Town's Theatres


On-Screen Advertising

MoviE-Town Cinemas offers on-screen advertising in our auditoriums for businesses and non-profit organizations. Your Ads are guaranteed to be seen as they run up until the moment the film begins. The Ads are shown to a receptive and captive audience seven days a week in Full Color with a BIG SCREEN visual impact. Your Advertisement will also have immediate frequency and repetition due our continuous play of the approximate 20 minute pre-movie show, therefore your slide is seen by our patrons which number in excess of 225,000 every year. We do, however, limit our advertisers and have extremely desirable demographics, so why not just meet your next customer at the movies.

Lobby Advertisements

As customers are standing in line for snacks or waiting for a movie to begin seating, our lobby preview tapes showing on three televisions above the concession stand provide a way to keep minds occupied. Your advertisement would be shown between trailers for upcoming releases to ensure a captive and receptive audience. The videos are also rotated on a monthly basis to ensure a visually captivating presentation that does not become redundant. A video advertisement may just be the publicity your company is looking for and we look forward to your business.


To receive more information, pricing, or set-up a contract, please contact MoviE-Town Management at 717-361-7536 and press 4 to leave a message. A Manager will return your call, as soon as possible.